Track Title: She Ain't You

Artist: New Hollow


if you miss me, kiss me one more time.

Daniel FINN

put five anything in my ask and i’ll put them in my preference order


why am i supposed to care about sue sylvester on rachel berry’s opening night


she got him a seat goodbye

Im so proud of my bby Rachel


Get drunk with Peyton so I can drown her bcuz fuck that BITCH and I’m still bitter.

im fucking crying tho

sarahmannlnq asked:
"(as pairs) bamon, dair, brucas byeeee"


I’d fuck Brucas (Have you seen Chad and Soph?)

Id Marry my intellectual snobs

and Id get drunk with Bamon cause come on a drunk Bonnie and Damon would be fun…DRUNKEN BANTER 4TW!